shoegazing is Haverford’s only active online arts & culture magazine, publishing articles on art, music, film & TV, literature, and style. We provide a space for students to critically write about their passions and freely share their interests, aspiring to create content that is interesting and accessible for all readers. The magazine also serves as a digital community, where folks share their artistic work and engage in discourse around their opinions.

editorial board

Athena Intanate (she/her) is a sophomore from Bangkok, Thailand. While she is currently undecided because of crippling academic indecisiveness, photography and film have been life-long passions of hers, and interests in slow fashion labels and music have also slowly burgeoned since going to university.
Fede Perelmuter (he/him) is a senior born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, editing books, film & tv, music, and photography. Interested in black studies, science and technology studies, media studies, cultural history, aesthetic theory and the late 19th/early 20th century (ask me about zoos). Cheese. Fave musicians include Bowie, OutKast, Bob Dylan, and Mitski. Favorite films are Phantom Thread and El secreto de sus ojos. Middlemarch is the best book of all time, fight me.
Jack Murphy (he/him) is a senior English major and Philosophy minor. Favorite music: Angel Olsen, Danny Brown, Yaeji, Talk Talk, and Slowdive. Favorite films: Close-Up (1990), Cleo from 5 to 7 (1962), Persona (1966), and 8 1/2 (1963). Favorite philosophers: all the pretentious French ones.
Jalen Martin (he/him) is a sophomore and a prospective English major. He is a music enthusiast, and a fan of the bucket hat/AF1s combo. He also refuses to tolerate Batman slander.
Lex Iglesia (they/them) is a senior doing Interdisciplinary Studies in French major, Visual Studies minor. Loves finding music samples to their original tracks. Consumes cookie dough and visual art on a daily basis. Makes experimental photographic narratives to process experiences. Forever faves include Blood Orange, Mitski, and Mariah Carey.
Lorelei Alverson (she/her) is a freshman from Rhode Island who loves fashion, weird music, and spicy food. When she’s not listening to political podcasts she’s hanging out with her pet hedgehog, London, and playing the cello.
Margot de Abreu (she/her) is an undecided sophomore floating somewhere in the realm of sociology/cities with perhaps a hint of printmaking. In her free time she absorbs an absurd amount of internet culture and listens to playlists her friends make, Bladee, and Brazilian music.

contributing writers

Anna Fiscarelli-Mintz (she/her) is a junior philosophy major (she thinks) and potential English minor (she hopes) interested in all things humanities and civic engagement (arts and history and social justice, oh my!) with special passions for theater, music, cooking/baking, classic movies, queer vibes, furry mammals (especially rodents, specifically her hamster, Sean), and overusing parentheses.
Becca Matson (she/her) is a Junior History major and Visual Studies minor with a concentration in Gender and Sexuality studies. A filmmaker, writer, and reader, she is always looking for new music, book, and thrift store recommendations. She is widely interested in art history, digital media, visual culture, fashion, music, and film, and is obsessed with 80s and 90s rom-com movies, as well as Harry Styles.
Camden Rogers (he/him) is a first year whose is undecided as of now. However he’s interested in both style and music and art and is a rapper himself.
Deniz Gonen (she/her) is a sophomore from New York, NY, undecided major (for now) but is considering growth and structure of cities. She is also interested in art (photography especially), film, and literature!
Emma Schwartz (she/her) is a first year who is passionate about art, style, and literature. She works at the GRASE (gender recourses and sexual education) center, so she’s also interested in things related to gender and sexuality.
Hannah Adler (they/she) is a Haverford senior interested in graphic novels, sad lesbian songwriters, and silly cartoons.
Hayley Tubbs (she/her) likes really good croissants.
Izzy Ray (she/her) is a prospective biology major & visual studies minor! She is really into the artistic beauty of anatomy and loves making bright trippy paintings & experimenting with sculpture. Favorite artwork of all time: Object by Meret Oppenheim.
Jake Van Wiggeren (he/him) is from Paso Robles, California. He is a jazz musician and loves birdwatching. He’ll probably write about music, but loves movies and TV and fashion, so we’ll see.
Jixin Jia (he/him)  is a senior who majors in Sociology and Anthropology, and minors in Visual Studies. He is a filmmaker and artist whose work often reflect on the history of cinema and the ethics of visual culture.
Lili May Muntean (she/her) is a sophomore from Philadelphia planning to major in Psychology (& maybe minor in English???). She is a big fan of campy fashion, pasta, mycology, & using ampersands. Her current goal is to crochet a cardigan — please hold her to this she needs motivation!!!
Liv Kaplan (she/her) is a first year at Bryn Mawr. She loves design and fashion! She is planning to be a History of Art major and hopes to get involved in fashion and movie design, curating and photography.
Liz Burke (she/her) is from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. She’s trying to declare an Independent Major in Performance Studies, and is also a Peace, Justice and Human Rights concentrator. She is an avid dancer, jewelry maker, knitter, high-heel-wearer, soup connoisseur, and tortoise mom. She is always up for new music recommendations and going on long walks. She is interested in the contemporary performing arts scene, fashion, and writing.
Lizy Szanton (she/her) is a junior studying psychology, sociology, and gender & sexuality. She loves breakfast, writing poetry, feminist pop culture criticism, and songs about angst and introspection.
Lucca Guzman-Gieseken (he/him) is a first year, who enjoys reading, saving images of clothing, and making playlists. Send him music recs!
Marcos Padrón-Curet (he/him) is a Puerto Rican sophomore who is interested in contemporary world literature.  He loves to read, translate, write, paint, and sing in the shower. 
Rachel Adler (she/her) is a Bryn Mawr senior majoring in Art History and English, who is also an avid baker, amateur print-maker, and skater-boi-wannabe interested in stop-motion animation, video games, horror film, and queer singers.
Rasaaq Shittu (he/him) is a sophomore from New Jersey by way of Nigeria, majoring in Economics and minoring in Philosophy. He is super interested in all types of music (house and hip-hop being his favorite genres), visual art, and photography. He loves talking about labor unions and leftist politics, skateboarding videos, and watching all of his favorite sports teams continue to disappoint him year after year.
Raven Derose (she/her) is a sophomore and an avid environmentalist, language enthusiast, and a pop culture fanatic. She goes to Bryn Mawr, but she’s usually (always) at Haverford.
Ryan Totaro (he/him) is a junior from Trenton, New Jersey, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Film Studies. His academic interests include evolutionary-cognitive psychology, film, and memory studies. He serves as a co-founder and treasurer for the Bi-Co Film Society, leads a student seminar, “Body Horror Across Media,” and frequents arts & culture events. As our resident metalhead, Ryan loves abrasive tunes – everything from 70s trad metal to contemporary maximalist pop.
Sam Monks (he/him) is a sophomore who will most likely major in psychology and is most interested in music and film/tv.
Sarah Mastrocola (she/her) is a sophomore studying English and visual studies. She is interested in music, film & media, writing, and fashion. Top three artists include The Beatles, The Strokes, and Hippo Campus; top two movies include Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Tanner Lumer (he/him) is a senior at Haverford college and a longtime dumpster diving enthusiast and amateur silent movie critic.
Tasneem Mabrouk (she/her) lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She has a mini forest in her room because of her lack of self-control when it comes to plant shopping. When she’s not trying to keep her plants alive, she’s usually painting, following YouTube recipes, or wasting time on Twitter. Her music taste is mainly just rap, with a few peaceful songs here and there for diversity.

shoegazing: arts & style was co-founded by Fede Perelmuter, Lex Iglesia, and Jack Murphy in the Summer of 2020.

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