I couldn’t bring my friends home with me, so I designed this collection to be trans-Atlantic – a series of pseudo-risograph posters, one that would allow me to carry them with me wherever I went. ‘Portable Friends’, if you will. Except they’re not really portable, because each poster is a mammoth 18 x 24” sheet of matte watercolour paper. But hey, at least TSA won’t search me if they find one of these in my luggage. 

I’m still in the process of creating these (like most of my other projects, it never really stops), but here are a few of my current favourites: snippets of people that mean so much to me, of places steeped with happiness. 

Here’s to a semester of missing, 
a semester of reminiscing, 
and a semester of loving.

I can’t wait to see you all so soon.

Daniel, Lucas, Maya, Sophia, a quarter of Anna, and Phoebe

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